Natural beauty shaped by clay

The benefits of clay,
a pure product of the earth

I recently had the opportunity to try the white clay mask, and I'm pleasantly surprised by the results. Its gentle texture purified my skin without weakening it, and gave it a natural glow. My skin is brighter, and at this time of year, I really needed that!

Amélie M.

Argaïa embodies the naturalness of clay and French know-how. Thanks to this symbiosis, we can offer you versatile products that enhance your beauty, from head to toe. Formulated for every skin type, our carefully selected range of Clay skincare products offers an unrivalled sensorial experience. Let yourself be carried away by cosmetics based on clay, a noble material, in different forms: sun-dried powder, crushed clay, masks, scrubs, shampoos or balms. Natural and effective, these treatments will pamper your face, body and hair. Green, Pink and White clays, as well as Ghassoul, all have unique benefits, responding precisely to your needs to enhance your beauty.

Choose the quality and effectiveness of Argaïa, a French brand of clay-based beauty products.

Green clay

Thanks to its absorbing, purifying and balancing properties, green clay is ideal for combination to oily skin and scalps prone to excess sebum. It is also an effective ally in the fight against skin imperfections.

White clay

Bursting with silica, this soft, neutral clay is perfect for deep cleansing and revitalising dry, sensitive and irritated skin, as well as mature skin. With its rebalancing and sebum-regulating properties, it is suitable for all skin types.

Pink clay

Illite + Kaolin
This combination of white and red clays offers particularly gentle, soothing properties. It provides beneficial purification for sensitive and delicate skin, while giving a revitalising glow to dull complexions.


This mineral clay is suitable for all skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, normal... It cleanses the skin thoroughly, without attacking it, and eliminates impurities, particularly blackheads caused by sebum. It leaves the skin particularly soft.

Our products

Our clay-based products are natural, high-quality skincare products that respect all skin types and the environment. You'll find a full range of clay-based skin care products in all colours (Green, White, Pink, Ghassoul), plus synergistic treatments designed to enhance the well-being of your skin and hair. Designed to meet every need in a natural way, these quality products are made in France, offering an authentic and enchanting skincare experience.





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About us

Argaïa was born of my deep conviction that nature is the ultimate source for creating well-being treatments for the face and body. And what could be better than Clay, an extremely pure ingredient, to make cosmetics that reveal the natural beauty of each and every one of us! After methodical work with my collaborators, Argaïa was born, and I'm convinced that Argaïa products will be as popular as I believe in their benefits, which have been recognised for generations!

David Soulat, Créateur d’Argaïa

Created in 2023, the Argaïa cosmetics brand draws its inspiration from the story of the earth goddess Gaia, who is known for her protection of nature.

The Argaïa brand was born of the deep conviction that nature is the ultimate source of beauty and well-being. Its vision is to capture the very essence of Gaia, the earth goddess, in each of its products, using natural ingredients of the highest quality, with clay as its star ingredient. This naturally mineral-rich material is beneficial for the skin, a treasure to be exploited.

The clay used in Argaïa products is harvested by hand from French quarries, preserving the natural balance of the land. The brand works closely with local farmers, supporting rural communities and promoting sustainable farming practices.

The Argaïa experience is much more than a simple gesture of beauty. It’s a special moment to take care of yourself and reconnect with nature.





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